What is the meaning of access control?

We can define access control as an automated system, which gives us many important advantages in terms of facility security.

Access control is an automated system, which gives us many important advantages in terms of facility security

Access control

Benefits of access controls.

This system makes it very effective to grant or deny the access of people or groups of people to areas that require authentication and approval.

They have the ability to program them according to certain security criteria previously established by a company, business, institution or any other facility.

Another important point that allows access control is to maintain an automated record of all movements that an individual or group makes within a certain area.


Sort an access control

Access controls can be classified according to its destination and function, that is, where the access control must be installed and / or it can also be classified according to the information source with which the security system works.

As for its destination access controls, it is divided into three security systems:

  • Large integral security systems that involve network operations, which are directed to large industrial plants, in general, these access controls systems require opening more than four access doors.
  • In medium security systems, these are intended for commercial establishments of medium amplitude, since for these systems it is necessary to be able to open between two and four doors.
  • Small security systems, intended to be installed in smaller rooms where the opening of at least two doors is required.

Regarding the source of information used by the system, the classification would include:

  1. Electronic cards for access controls.
  2. The fingerprint as a source of information.
  3. Facial recognition.
  4. Hybrids and / or combination of any or all of the above sources.


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