One of the biggest concerns of many people is the comfort of having a house safe.

Therefore, to have your house safe here some tips to achieve this peace:

Tips, recommendations to have a house safe

House safe – Tips and recommendations

Tips to have a safe house and avoid being a victim of theft in your home..

1. When designing your home:

  • Explore the concept of the «defensible space», which means to have different perspectives from the front entrance.
  • It must be enough close to the neighbouring houses, to ask for help in case of emergency and allow visual communication, by signs or means that exclude the phone.
  • Keep unregistered phone numbers and limit the distribution of these numbers.

2. During the summer:

The thief looking for residences with noisy air conditioners «If you sleep so deeply that he does not hear the appliance may not hear the thief».

3. In the winter:

The thief looks for signs of that in the houses inhabited by elderly people they had gone in search of warmer climates.

Many of these people leave very low heating, and is then formed in the morning too much frost on the outside of the windows.

4. The thief activates the alarm:

As a test, and is hidden in a thicket to see if you have the owner, police or serenazgo; after a while can check that nobody did; then the robber enters the House and put hands to work.

5. Do not leave your home alone:

Whenever possible a person should stay home.

6. Always leave on your radio or TV:

To give the appearance that there is any person, so it can be heard by anyone other than this near your main or rear door.

7. More lights, less theft:

On leave some lights when you leave your House at night, give the appearance that someone is, this confuses the thief.

8. Be alert to have the house safe:

  • Get to know your neighbors and their vehicles.
  • If you see a strange person or an unknown, suspicious-shaped automobile aim shoot plate number, informs its neighbors of the presence of strangers, in any case call the police national.

9. Use the viewpoint (magic eye) of the door to check the identity of persons:

For added safety, install a vantage point at the gateway, allowing you to identify the visitor, as well as see their credentials or identity document, without opening the door.

10. Take care with the unexpected:

  • Be cautious of the delivery of goods, unexpected service (water, electricity, phone, constructions, repairs, etc).
  • If it is a delivery of goods not expected indicate the person in charge to stop the package to your door, if you have to sign some guidance, say under the door pass you the paper to sign it.
  • The package will pick you up taking care of the case.

11. If you return home and think there’s a robber inside:

Do not enter your home to find out. Go to a neighbor’s House and call the police national.

12. To hours steal?

  • Usually at the time that the housewives go shopping (09.00 to 12.00 hrs.) market.
  • In the afternoon between the 15.00 to 18.00 hrs.
  • In the evening between the 18.00 to 21.00 hrs.

13. If you know that there are some burglar at home:

  • If you can, quick to leave the House, but locked in a room and put lock on the door.
  • Then call the police national asking for help.
  • If there is no telephone in the room, open the window and shout for support to its neighbors.

14. Park the car in the driveway:

Instead of putting the car in the garage, Park it you, outdoor, inside the security fence. This will create insecurity by the thief.

15. The security in your garage:

  • Do not rely, you not are saved until you have missed key to the doors and is satisfied that no one entered as you went down the car to close.
  • The car thieves, bags thieves and the abode Snatchers have acquired the habit of attacking their victims in garages, which are becoming one of the most dangerous of the house.

16. If you find that they have entered your home:

  • Call the police if they have committed a crime. If so: do not touch anything. Do not attempt to accommodate the disaster left by the criminals.
  • Not attempt to close the doors and windows, since all the clues and fingerprints are in the labyrinth that have left the evil-doers.
  • It is recommended not to manipulate any object so Lab experts to easily find footprints. Otherwise, the work may be more difficult.
  • Similarly, it would be useful to you to perform a thorough observation of the stolen objects in order to facilitate a detailed list of stolen to police officers.


Conclusions about having a house safe

As it could be determined in this article related to having the tranquility of a house safe, we can conclude that it requires planning and a variable investment.